Ion Andreescu

1975. Self-portrait.

The painter Ion Andreescu was was born in the year 1850 in Bucharest and died only 32 years later in the same city. Like the painter Nicolae Grigorescu, Andreescu passed also through Barbizon.

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1972. Self-portrait.

    Not only was Andreescu a precocious talent, he had an unusual artistic sensitivity. Happily, his inspiration followed Grigorescu's open air painting which was, at that time, the most accomplished expression of contemporary Romanian painting.  All these elements contributed to shape Andreescu's style, the evolution of which gained from the artist's chance to further his studies in Paris. 

1975. Farm Woman with Green Kerchief. 1950. Birth Centenary. Fair at Dragaica. 1950. Birth Centenary. Village Well. 1950. Birth Centenary. Self-portrait.

    This was complemented by Andreescu's contact with the works by Barbizon school and furthermore, with those of the Impressionists. He left after him wonderful landscapes and portraits. Some of them can be admired on this page.

1975. Rocks and Birches.

1975. Main Road. andreescu9.jpg (7362 bytes) 1975. Winter in the Woods.

    Background: Ion Andreescu, Trees in Blossom, 1880?, The National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest.

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