This site is about a country called Romania, located in Europe, in the North part of the Balkan Peninsula. The author has chosen to present this country in a less traditional way, and for this reason he won't present information that you can find in any atlas or encyclopedia, i.e. the exact geographic position, population, regions, mountains, etc. 
    Because this is a philatelic site, we start by displaying some nice Romanian stamps that cover different aspects of this quite special and often amazing country. In spite of that, by visiting this site you will get insides about its history, customs and especially about the Romanian people, actually the central subject of this site. 
The stamps can tell you different stories, some of them being clear, and others being less obvious or even hidden. We will tell you some of these stories, when it will be appropriate.
   At the end of the tour you will possible notice that the Romanian culture, even if influenced by the Orient, is part of what is known under the name of Western culture and civilization. 
As author I have enjoyed a lot to create and to develop this site. I deeply hope that a part of this joy will be transmitted to you, my reader and guest.

1986. Open Air Museum of Historic Dwelling, Bucharest. Alba.

1986. Open Air Museum of Historic Dwelling, Bucharest. Constanta. 1986. Open Air Museum of Historic Dwelling, Bucharest. Neamt. 1986. Open Air Museum of Historic Dwelling, Bucharest. Gorj.

    The rural life was the traditional way of life in the pre-industrial epoch. The set above commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Open Air Museum of Romanian Village in Bucharest. Issued in 1986, Scott 3387 - 3392.

1977. Romanian Male Folk Dancers - Calusari. 1977. Romanian Children Folk Dancers - Calusari. 1977. Romanian Male Folk Dancers - Calusari.

    The Romanian Male Folk Dancers, named Calusari, are largely known, especially because their dances are characterized by really devilish rhythms and a lot of acrobatics. Issued in 1977. Scott 2748 - 2753.

1975. Romanian Peasant Rugs. Muntenia. 1975. Romanian Peasant Rugs. Moldavia.

    Romanian Peasant Rugs (here some from Muntenia, Moldavia and Maramures are shown) are well known throughout Europe, also like the costumes presented below. The full set of six was issued in 1975. Scott 2583 - 2588.

1985. Folk Costumes. Muscel. 1985. Folk Costumes. Vrancea.

    Women's and men's costumes from same region are printed in continuous design. Costumes from the regions Muscel, Bistrita-Nasaud and Vrancea are shown here. Issued in 1985. Scott 3314-3321.

1982.  The Bear hoaxed by the Fox, by Ion Creanga 1982. Danila Prepeleac, by Ion Creanga

    Romanian fairy tales, written my Petre Ispirescu, Ion Creanga and Mihail Eminescu are a part of the Romanian tradition and soul. The set was issued in 1982, Scott 3094 - 3099.

1987. Landscapes. Lace Capra. Mt. Fagaras 1987. Landscapes.Orchard, Borsa.

   Romania is a country of stunning landscapes. The above stamps give an idea of their variety, by showing Pelicans over the Danube Delta, the Transfagarasan High-way, the Lake Capra, the Mt. Fagaras, or an Orchard in Borsa. Issued in 1987. Scott 3452 - 3457.

   Have I raised your curiosity? I hope so and I invite, my reader, to follow me, by using the menu on the left. Have a good time and come back again, because the site steadily develops.

    Background: Ion Andreescu, Trees in Blossom, 1880?, The National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest. 

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